Why so many Maryland Democrats are for Joe Biden

You don’t have to know Joe Biden to support him. You just have to want a candidate committed to democratic -- and Democratic -- values, who can unite Democrats, defeat Trump, and be a terrific president.

Click here to see the top 10 reasons Marylanders are for Joe.

And click here to see some of the Democratic leaders, from western Maryland to the shore and the Baltimore to the Washington suburbs, who are ridin' with Biden.

Some of us have seen Joe up close and personal.

Delegate Erek Barron (D, Prince George's) worked with him to advance criminal justice reform and to protect victims of domestic violence and sexual assault as his Counsel and Policy Advisor in the US Senate and as a member of President Obama’s Transition Team.

And, as US Ambassador to Romania,  Senator Jim Rosapepe worked with him to stop ethnic cleansing and bring peace to the Balkans.

Click here to read Jim’s Baltimore Sun op-ed on his work, as US Ambassador to Romania, with Joe to stop ethnic cleansing and bring peace to the Balkans. 

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Delegate Selection Process

Click here to read the entire MD Democratic Party's Delegate Selection Plan.

52 Democratic national convention Delegates will be selected from Maryland's 8 Congressional districts in the April 28 primary.

From January 6 to 24, candidates for who would like to run for delegate can file with the State Board of Elections. 

In support of inclusion and diversity, half of all delegates will be men and half will be women, assuming no gender non-binary delegates are elected. The goal of the Biden campaign and the MD Democratic Party will be for 40% of delegates to be African American, 6% Hispanic, 6% Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, 5% LGTBQ+, 13% People with Disabilities, and 31% youth (35 and under).

Each presidential campaign will approve their candidates on February 3. 

To make sure Joe's strongest supporters who would like to run for delegate are considered, the Biden campaign has asked us to make sure you know how to be considered. 

Click here to let the Biden campaign know your interest and provide some info about yourself.

District-Level Delegate Filing Requirements
a. A district-level delegate candidate may run for election only within the district
in which they are registered to vote

b. District-Level Delegate filing forms will be available online at
www.elections.maryland.gov, or at the at the State Board of Elections (151
West St. Annapolis, MD 21401) between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm,
beginning on January 6 through January 24, 2020

c. An individual can qualify as a candidate for district-level delegate to the 2020
Democratic National Convention by filing a statement of candidacy
designating their singular presidential or uncommitted preference and a
signed pledge of support for the presidential candidate (including
uncommitted status) in person at the State Board of Elections (151 West St. 
Annapolis, MD 21401) between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, beginning
on January 6 through January 24, 2020. Additionally, the Charles County,
Frederick County, and Wicomico County Board of Elections may accept filings
for Delegate to the National Convention. A delegate candidate may modify
their singular presidential preference by submitting an updated pledge of
support no later than the filing deadline.

We're Ridin' with Biden

Our first round of endorsers from July of 2019! Click here to see the Baltimore Sun article announcing their support!

First NameLast NameTitle
PatrickArmstrongFormer Chair of Anne Arundel County Democratic Central Committee, former Iowa Regional Field Organizer for Biden for President, 2008.
JohnAstleFormer Senator, Anne Arundel County
ErekBarronState Delegate, Prince George's County, MD and Former Counsel to then Senator Joe Biden
JoanneBensonSenator, Prince George's County
JimBrochinFormer State Senator, Baltimore County
HannahByronFormer State Economic Development Official
GraceConnollyBaltimore County Register of Wills
VincentDeMarcoLeading Maryland Public Health and Health Care Advocate
BrianFeldmanState Senator, Montgomery County, Senate Chair of MD Health Insurance Protection Commission
AnneHealeyState Delegate, Hyattsville, MD and Chair of the House Rules Committee
JustinHollidayBaltimore County Democratic Central Committee Member
KenKerrState Delegate, Frederick County, MD
NancyKingState Senator, Montgomery County, Chair of Senate Budget and Tax Committee
JimKraftFormer Baltimore City Councilman
GloriaLawlahFormer State Secretary of Aging and State Senator, Prince George's County, MD
KarenLewis YoungState Delegate, Frederick, MD
JohnMcDonoughFormer Secretary of State of Maryland
DeniseMitchellCollege ParkCity Council Member
DonMohlerFormer Baltimore County Executive
Karl KirbyPenceFormer president Maryland State Teachers Association (MSTA)
IrvingPinderFormer Chair, Eastern Shore Assoc. Dems. and Former Dem. Candidate 1st.Congressional Dist.
ScottPoyerClerk of the Circuit Court
Andrew PruskiChair Anne Arundel County Council
WilliamReidFrederick DCC
JimRosapepeState Senate Democratic Caucus Chair and Former US Ambassador to Romania
IdaRubenFormer State Senate President Pro Tem
DougSentzBaltimore County Democratic Central Committee Member and Treasurer
ThomasSlater Former member of the Board of Regents of the University System of Maryland
HerbSmithMember of the Howard County Democratic Central Committee
DanaSteinState Delegate, Baltimore County, MD and Vice Chair of House Environment and Transportation Committee
CarlWidellFormer Chair, Talbot County Democratic Central Committee
AlWynnFormer member House of Representatives, 4th district of Maryland from 1993 to 2008
RonYoungState Senator, Frederick, Chair Senate Executive Nominations Committee
BobbyZirkinState Senator, Baltimore County, Chair Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee

OpEd's Supporting Biden

Click here to read Jim Rosapepe’s Baltimore Sun op-ed on his work, as US Ambassador to Romania, with Joe to stop ethnic cleansing and bring peace to the Balkans.

And click here to read an OpEd by John White, a Marylander and professor of politics at The Catholic University of America.

Joe's Vision

Click here to see Vice President Biden's plan for the future!

Head there to see his vision and his plans to Strengthen America's Commitment to Justice, Protect & Build on the Affordable Care Act, Support Older Americans, Develop Rural America, start a Clean Energy Revolution and fight for Environmental Justice, and Rebuild our Education System.


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