Help Joe send the Donald back to Trump Tower.

Key facts about Joe's June 2nd Victory in Maryland.

1. One of Joe's biggest Primary wins.. 84%!

Maryland delivered Joe a whopping 84% of the vote. That was one of his biggest victory of any state primary this year!

2. Big turnout, particularly among Democrats.

More than 900,000 votes were cast, exceeding turnout from four years ago!

3. Joe beat Trump in purple counties — Anne Arundel, Baltimore County, Frederick — not just blue ones. And Kent, St. Mary's, Talbot, and Wicomico!

Joe's votes in the Democratic primary dwarfed Trump's votes in the Republican primary two to one. Joe got more votes than Trump in 13 counties and easily trampled Trump in traditional swing counties: Anne Arundel, Frederick, and Baltimore County. Joe won counties on the Eastern Shore, as well as central and western Maryland! Here are the results by County:

4. And Maryland helped put Joe over the top!

After the votes were counted from the numerous June 2nd primaries, Joe now has the Delegates to be the mathematical, not just presumptive, Democratic nominee!

You don’t have to know Joe Biden to support him. You just have to want a candidate committed to democratic -- and Democratic -- values, who has united Democrats, will be a terrific president - and will defeat Donald Trump!

Top ten reasons Marylanders are for Joe.