June 2nd Maryland Democratic Primary Results

With your help, Joe won Maryland — big!

Key facts about Joe's June 2nd Victory in Maryland.

1. One of Joe's biggest Primary wins.. 84%!

Maryland delivered Joe a whopping 84% of the vote. That was one of his biggest victory of any state primary this year!

2. Big turnout, particularly among Democrats.

More than 900,000 votes were cast, exceeding turnout from four years ago!

3. Joe beat Trump in purple counties — Anne Arundel, Baltimore County, Frederick — not just blue ones. And Kent, St. Mary's, Talbot, and Wicomico!

Joe's votes in the Democratic primary dwarfed Trump's votes in the Republican primary two to one. Joe got more votes than Trump in 13 counties and easily trampled Trump in traditional swing counties: Anne Arundel, Frederick, and Baltimore County. Joe won counties on the Eastern Shore, as well as central and western Maryland! Here are the results by County:

Joe is on track to win every single Delegate in Maryland!

Here are the Biden Delegate Candidates:

CD 1

Katherine B. Dalton

Lesley Israel

M. Patricia Lockett

Lee Whaley

Gene W Counihan

Eric Bromwell

Philip Foster

CD 2

Elizabeth Brown

Bridget Cabbiness

Linda Dorsey-Walker

Vincent DeMarco

Dion F Guthrie

Samual Holliday

Franklin Wayne Blatt

CD 3

Pam Beidle

Cheryl Bost

Gabrielle Glendenning

Shelly Hettleman

Patrick Armstrong

Mark Feinroth

Anwer Hasan

Roberto Veloso

CD 4

Mahasin El Amin

Carolyn J.B. Howard

Zi'na Humphries

Salome Peters

Erek L. Barron

Charles R. Gayle

Greg Holmes

Scott Poyer

Andrew C Pruski

CD 5

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend

Denise Mitchell

Joseline Peña-Melnyk

Ashleigh Philips

Leathia West

Ed Lewis

Jeff Long

Leonard Lucchi

David M. Salazar

CD 6

Barbara Goldberg Goldman

Nancy J King

Karen Lewis Young

Joseph Brecker

Larry Kasecamp

Tom Slater

Devang Shah

CD 7

Michelle Alexander

Jennifer Chang

Maureen Evans Arthurs

Tia Hopkins

Courtney Watson

Sean Ford

Larry Gibson

Antonio Hayes

Herb Smith

CD 8

Tracey Friedlander

Susan R. Hoffmann

Helen Kerr

Dawn Krusemark

Alan S Bowser

Milton Jones

Bill Reid

Mark Zwillinger